Our Services

Blue Ocean offers four key services: Recruitment, Staffing, Blue Ocean Platinum, and Architecture Assessment. For more information on each of these key services, see below:

staffing-solutions1. Recruitment:

Blue Ocean specializes in providing senior level technology and business professionals for direct-hire. Our recruiting experts understand the art of relationship building and are able to successfully engage passive candidates who are inaccessible through traditional channels.

2. Staffing:

Blue Ocean’s global delivery model maximizes speed and efficiency for urgent temporary resource needs. Our repository of active candidates ensures a readily available pool of talent able to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

3. Blue Ocean Platinum:

Our marquis service, Blue Ocean Platinum combines consulting and recruitment to create a project-based approach to your talent acquisition initiatives. Blue Ocean Platinum removes the unknowns and transforms your effort from an open-ended engagement to an executable project with defined benchmarks, intelligent reporting and targeted deliverables. Blue Ocean Platinum achieves seamless partnership through Strategic planning, role-based process alignment & recruitment, and program management with well-defined deliverables.

4. Architecture Assessment:

architecture-assessmentBlue Ocean goes above and beyond the conventional methods to finding the most qualified candidates for our clients. Our goal is to provide professionals that not only have the technical competency, but can also fit into the existing company culture. To provide this service, Blue Ocean has partnered with two leading experts in their respective fields: Dr. Kay Sahdev, and Dr. Uday Bhaskar.

Dr. Sahdev is CEO of Organisational Development & Research Ltd (ODRL) – a UK-based consulting firm that offers leading edge and evidence e-based services to enhance organization effectiveness and performance. Together with Blue Ocean’s in-house experts, ODRL applies its skills and knowledge of Organizational Psychology, Human Resources, and Change Management to conduct a comprehensive behavioral assessment for Architecture candidates as part of the standard screening process.

Dr. Bhaskar is a thought-leader in Enterprise Architecture best practices and has previously headed a multi-billion dollar management consulting firm’s Architecture Council. His focus will be to conduct a thorough technical evaluation that focuses exclusively on the candidate’s ability to understand key architecture concepts across a breadth and depth of technology disciplines.


Architecture Assessment – The Process Overview:

  1. Online Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
    Once a candidate’s profile has been vetted by internal BOV recruiters and management has signed off on the resume, candidate is requested to fill out an OPQ, prepared by ODRL.
  2. Interview – Behavioral Assessment
    ODRL affiliate reviews results of OPQ and conducts comprehensive HR interview to mitigate false-positives and prepare detailed evaluation report.
  3. Interview – Technical Assessment
    Candidates’ capabilities are then screened against the four domain architectures: Business, Data, Application, and Technology. Following this interview, a detailed report is created and circulated back to BOV.
  4. Reports
    BOV compiles both technical and behavioral reports and provides a comprehensive analysis with executive summary to client for reference throughout the interview process.

Blue Ocean’s Four Domain Architecture Focus:

Implementing any capability within an organization would require the design of the four domain architectures: Business, Data, Application, and Technology. Establishing the architecture practice within an organization would therefore require the design of:

  • The Business Architecture of the practice that will highlight the architecture governance, processes, organizational structure, information requirements, and products.
  • The Data Architecture that would define the structure of the organization’s Enterprise Continuum and Architecture Repository
  • The Application Architecture specifying the functionality and/or applications services required to enable the architecture practice
  • The Technology Architecture that depicts the practice’s infrastructure requirements and deployment in support of the architecture applications and Enterprise Continuum

Benefits of the Architecture Assessment to you:

  1. Reduced interviews and more efficient screening process
    Based on the resume and our two assessment reports, our screening process can potentially reduce the number of interviews for any given position, thereby aiming to create an efficient, streamlined, mechanical process from start to finish.
  2. Higher success ratio of candidates submitted vs. candidates selected for hire
    We believe that through the use of this added service, the ratio of candidates shortlisted for the final round will consistently be around 70%, with an aggressive goal of 85% or more!
  3. Reduced Attrition
    Not only will these candidates represent the highest technical proficiencies and business acumen you seek, they will also seamlessly fit into your organization from a cultural perspective, thereby reducing the inclination to seek employment elsewhere after onboarding.